Forge Fach

At Forch Fach we completely resigned their brand image and helped them with their marketing efforts through signage & brochures.

Company Slogan

A Place for all the community


Aiden Jones
Michael Jones
Sarah Williams



Creative Process


The Forge Fach Community Hub in Clydach, South Wales, is a new model for social enterprise and disability inclusion, around and with the local community.

 Our vision is to create a fully inclusive environment that embraces the needs of the community regardless of age, gender or ability. A place at the heart of the community that promotes equal opportunities, provides integration and breaks down barriers.


We created a simplistic community brand that implies a welcoming feel. Using strong & vibrant colours we wanted the brand to portray a light and clean feel.

Brochure Design

We worked alongside the marketing manager at Forge Fach to create a brochure that really highlights what the facility has to offer the community. We branched each section off into individual colours to allow easy navigation around the brochure.

Process of Design

The Design Process is an approach for breaking down a large project into manageable chunks. Architects, engineers, scientists, and other thinkers use the design process to solve a variety of problems. Use this process to define the steps needed to tackle each project, and remember to hold to all of your ideas and sketches throughout the process.








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